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Albany and Great Southern Region SEGRA 20 year anniversary

26 - 28 October 2016, Albany, WA


Host Region Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in hosting the annual Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia (SEGRA) Conference. Host regions stand to gain a great deal from SEGRA being located in their region.

Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia, SEGRA, provides a single forum in which people with a deep commitment to regional Australia can discuss issues and advance options and solutions for the future. Drawing over 200 delegates from across Australia, SEGRA is now recognised as the nation’s most credible and independent voice on issues affecting regional Australia.

SEGRA, Australia's premier conference on regional issues, is about assisting regional, rural and remote Australia in being more proactive; proactive in identifying their goals, understanding their options and developing better skills, processes and institutional arrangements to make the right choice, and to be agenda setters and decision drivers rather than reacting to events.

Objectives of SEGRA include:

  • Regions taking the initiative and control of their own economic development destinies
  • Regions identifying their positions – economic, social and cultural – and maximizing their worth in the new global economy
  • Regions identifying and exploiting emerging issues and trends to maximize benefits
  • Regions developing innovative strategies and implementation processes to ensure community support and relevant action to meet regional needs
  • Identifying key decision makers, processes and points of access in government and the corporate sector
  • Identifying the issues essential for regional sustainability
  • Actioning strategies for real influence and impact
  • Raising regional profiles
  • Setting the policy agenda and changing the choices and present options

At the conclusion of SEGRA a communiqué is issued highlighting key themes and issues of the conference.

The Host Region Advantage

An invitation is extended to you to join us in hosting the SEGRA conference thereby maximising the benefits to your city and region, and in turn your community by taking advantage of sponsorship and promotional opportunities associated with SEGRA. SEGRA is one of the most significant regional conferences in Australia.The advantages of participation include:

  • You and your organisation will have an excellent opportunity to maintain a high profile, and network with, client groups including – local government authorities, regional economic development practitioners, policy makers in local, state and federal government, business and industry associations, academics, community organisations, local businesses, indigenous groups and the media.
  • Issues critical to your organisation can be addressed, discussed, debated and progressed with a broad range of key players. It is possible for sponsors to address delegates and to have your presentation published as part of the conference proceedings.
  • You and your organisation will be mixing informally with delegates in an environment conducive to listening and learning, away from the competition of normal, everyday distractions.
  • Your involvement, commitment and support for the conference will be openly demonstrated and widely acknowledged before, during and after the conference.
  • Your organisations logo can be presented on the program, conference banners and at any event you sponsor.
  • Previous research has shown that conference delegates who travel interstate spend $300 – $500 per day in the host region. Local delegates spend approximately $100 per day in the host region. (Information obtained from the AACB Performance Standards 1999).
  • The Conference is promoted nationally through relevant publications, newsletters, conferences and electronic media. In previous years the conference has received extensive national radio, television and print coverage.
  • Static display space at the SEGRA Regional Expo is available as part of sponsorship arrangements.

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Background and Previous Conferences

Management Solutions (Qld) initiated the Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia (SEGRA) national conference in 1997 to focus on the regional problems and issues facing regional Australia today and to propose positive solutions. Today it is Australia’s foremost national forum on regional development and a key platform where national and overseas experts and key decision makers from government and industry come together to develop solutions to regional issues and to discuss emerging trends.

The SEGRA 2015 Conference focused on the dual issues of the need for strong leadership and a commitment to sustainable futures and their importance for regions in adjusting to a constantly transitioning economy.

Action agenda topics for SEGRA 2015 included:

  • The regional landscape and environment: maximising opportunities in appropriate management of water, plants, and ecosystems including mining, gas extraction and farming
  • Free Trade Agreements: how will regions be impacted and benefit in the age of emerging economies in Asia, Africa and Latin America. What will be the emerging opportunities for economic and employment growth?
  • Regional value-add through investment in advanced industries: making the most of clean technology, renewable technologies and agricultural intensification
  • Economic consolidation, resource optimisation, fuel security, social capital, technological take up including NBN; industrial diversity and employment opportunities, regional education and sustaining regionally significant investment and national infrastructure funding
  • Engaging with our communities and their history in the context of an aging population, workforce demographic transition, viability and financing of agriculture, embedding lifestyle health, education and business values into sustainable economic outcomes
  • Building capacity: key policy trends including multi-level governance and decisions that will raise up leadership and get things done in the regions

Past SEGRA Communiqués

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Program Features

The SEGRA Conference provides a unique opportunity for all sections of the Australian community – rural and urban – to explore the key issues affecting regional, rural and remote Australia and offers participants the opportunity to be part of providing positive sustainable outcomes to ensure future growth and development.

The SEGRA Conference comprises of a range of:

  • Keynote addresses and speakers;
  • Plenary and concurrent sessions;
  • Applied workshops;
  • Relevant field trips; and
  • Policy Development courses.

The feature of the SEGRA Conferences has been the focus on relevant issues facing regional Australia and the extremely high quality of keynote addresses by nationally recognised and respected commentators and opinion leaders on these issues.
Following each SEGRA Conference, a Communiqué is developed and distributed to key individuals and organisations with influence in issues affecting regional Australia.

SEGRA achieves a very significant national profile through the news media. Over past years, SEGRA has gained significant coverage from ABC nationally through television, regional and national newspaper and radio coverage. ABC online News has also given prominent and extensive coverage to SEGRA.

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Host Region Requirements

To host a National SEGRA conference, a host regional is required to:

  • Provide an appropriate level of cash and in-kind sponsorship. This support enables us to involve high-profile, well respected speakers, reduce registration costs to delegates, stage the conference in a regional centre and provide a diversity of field trips. As a guide, previous sponsors each provided a small amount to contribute to the final sponsorship cost. It is suggested, as is the case with previous sponsors, that regions should approach state and federal governments for assistance with cash sponsorship funding.
  • Organise a pre-conference familiarisation for the convenors to visit the host region, meet with key stakeholders, assess venues and examine field trip options. This normally involves two senior staff of Management Solutions (Qld).
  • Pre-conference support to enable the convenors to tap into local case studies, innovations and business networks.
  • Demonstrate suitable accommodation and conference facilities including an auditorium for at least 250 delegates and suitable rooms for four concurrent sessions, each with a capacity of at least 50 people.
  • Assist with audio-visual equipment to suit a main plenary room and up to six concurrent sessions and forums. Equipment needs include data-projectors, laptop computers, whiteboards and flipcharts.
  • Assist with administrative support during the Conference e.g. at registration time and for set hours during the day to assist delegates to move around the conference and explore the region.
  • Where possible, provide support for the distribution of conference material to prospective delegates by supplying a database of local contacts and with printing and postage of conference flyers and brochures in your region.
  • Assist Management Solutions (Qld) with promotional and media opportunities through the use of government publications and established media contacts.

Download the latest Host Region Proposal (PDF)

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Host Region Benefits

SEGRA seeks to:

  • Conduct the Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia to the highest possible quality and maintain its reputation as Australia’s premier national conference on issues affecting regional Australia
  • Demonstrate the capacities of the host region
  • Provide opportunities for sponsors to build relationships with key people and stakeholder groups
  • Add to the number of visitors who would come into a region thereby providing potential economic benefit to businesses within the region and promote the destination and location of the conference
  • Raise the awareness and profile of individuals, sponsors and their organisations through media coverage
  • Promote sponsors as lead organisations, who are active and forward thinking in the area of regional development

Hosting SEGRA ensures your organisation with sole major sponsor status and all the potential positioning benefits associated with an event of this nature and size. As host region for SEGRA, you receive exposure to the substantial positioning, promotional and marketing benefits associated with such a high profile national conference, as well as:

  • Promotion of your organisation in all media liaison with print, radio and television outlets including:
    • Display of your logos and information in media packages and;
    • Recognition in all media releases prior to, during and following the conference.
  • Inclusion of your marketing material and brochures in delegate's carry bags.
  • Presentation of your logo on all printed materials associated with the conference including:
    • Call For Papers electronic brochure;
    • Conference Registration e-brochure;
    • Conference Registration Update;
    • Delegate Conference kits;
    • Conference information brochures;
    • Conference Program (Forward and Official Welcome); and
    • Conference Papers.
  • Complimentary display space for your organisation at the SEGRA Regional Expo.
  • Presentation of your logo on SEGRA Conference web site with links to your own institution's web site.
  • Allocation of a key note presentation by a speaker/s of your choice – which will allow you to address academic institutions as well as private and public sector organisations throughout Australia.
  • Allocation of concurrent session speaker opportunities (within agreed themes) should staff wish to be involved.
  • Involvement in the identification of key issues and themes to be addressed at SEGRA
  • Involvement in the selection of keynote and concurrent session speakers.
  • Banners allocated at the plenary venue and keynote presentations as well as the networking activities conducted at the venue including hosted breakfast sessions and conference dinners.
  • Complimentary full registration including networking functions for each major sponsor.
  • A set of conference proceedings on CD-ROM.
  • Access to Management Solutions (Qld) exclusive database featuring over 8000 key members of local, state and federal government departments; private sector organisations including environmental interest groups and commercial developers and operators; and academic institutions from Australia-wide. The database has been compiled by Management Solutions (Qld) over the last 19 years and all contacts are regularly updated to ensure currency.

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Host Region Considerations

There are a number of steps you can take to ensure your bid to host SEGRA makes an impact. It is highly recommended you involve your local convention and/or tourism bureau when preparing the submission. In addition to the information outlined on the previous pages, the following information is useful in helping select the region which will host the SEGRA Conference and should be included, where possible, in your bid.

Considerations for SEGRA Conference submissions:

  • An overview of the region highlighting its unique story of sustainable economic regional development. Include relevant details for study tours such as the attractions, activities, and particular economic initiatives available in your region. Tourism promotional brochures for your region may be included.
  • Letters of commitment from supporting agencies.
  • Detailed information of suitable conference venues. Relevant details include:
  • Location;
    • Distance from major transport terminals (e.g., Airport, train station, bus station);
    • Number of conference rooms;
    • Theatre style seating capacity of each room;
    • Number of accommodation rooms ;
    • Menus for breakfasts, lunches, morning and afternoon teas, dinners and cocktail functions and;
    • The associated costs of each of the items above.

Most potential venues have conferencing packages which they can provide in this regard. Any other information you feel is relevant should also be included.

  • Outline the support offered for famil visits for two members of staff. For example, flights, accommodation, meals and any other support offered.
  • Information on getting to your region including transport schedules (e.g., Flight schedule, bus/train timetable) from major cities to your region and returns around the proposed conference dates.
  • Alternative accommodation options including their distance from the conference venue, number of accommodation rooms and single and twin share, corporate and rack rates.
  • The availability of an audio-visual technician.
  • The availability of audio-visual equipment – 5 data projectors, 5 laptops, 5 data projectors – often sourced internally through sponsoring organisations.
  • Administrative support available.
  • Events & conventions previously hosted by the region as well as any relevant references.
  • The size and general demographic of databases available for conference promotion and any other marketing support available.

This list is not exhaustive. Please include any additional information which you feel will strengthen your bid to host the SEGRA conference.

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The Conference Organisers

Management Solutions (Qld) Pty Ltd provides interactive training and quality consultancy services to public and private sector organisations throughout Australia including:

  • Skills based professional development and training workshops
  • Special conferences on emerging issues
  • Conference support services
  • Consulting services on policy, organisational development and issues management

Management Solutions (Qld) has conducted conferences and workshops in QLD, ACT, NSW, NT and VIC and has a strong reputation for delivering interactive skills based training that meets the needs of practitioners in the field. We are committed to identifying emerging issues and organising conferences and forums on these issues with high-level keynote speakers.

We have been involved in the organisation of a number of large conferences on a wide range of issues including:

  • SEGRA (Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia) Conference

    Initiated in 1997 by our Company to address the current problems and issues facing regional Australia and explore positive solutions.
  • Tourism Futures National Conference
    Tourism Futures brings together sectors that have a direct and indirect role in tourism, so that collectively they can examine and respond to the issues influencing its growth.
  • Baby Boomer Tourism Summit
    The summit is designed to define and understand the Baby Boomer demographic allowing those market sectors with both a direct and indirect role to examine and respond to the issues influencing its growth.
  • Global Eco Asia Pacific Tourism Conference
Global Eco brings together leading players from across the globe to examine best practice across sustainability, ecotourism, tourism in protected areas and climate change response. Critical new research, policy and best practice case studies feature at Global Eco.
  • PPAMcon (Parks and Protected Areas Management Congress)

    PPAMcon provides a forum to examine and develop governance models that deliver the greatest potential from partnerships across government, the private sector, community groups and not for profit organisations.
  • Best Practice Eco-Tourism

    Delivered a practical oriented program focused on best practice in eco tourism design, planning, management and operations for industry, government and consultants.
  • National Parks: Private Sector's Role

    Designed in 1994 to promote debate and discuss private sector involvement in traditional public sector domains. 27 highly respected and experience presenters and facilitators, raised issues and challenges and shared their own experiences to explore the concept of private sector involvement in parks and protected areas.

Management Solutions (Qld) engages only leading educators and practitioners to facilitate and develop its workshops and conferences. We utilise a wide variety of experienced facilitators from across academia, government and industry with practical experience in the issues facing both the government and industry in the business environment.

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Expression of Interest in Hosting SEGRA

To register an expression of interest in hosting SEGRA 2017 and beyond, please click here.

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